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What is a special stainless steel
2009-03-24 10:45       Views: 1

Super stainless steel, nickel-based alloy is a special stainless steel, the first in the chemical composition different from ordinary stainless steel 304, is high in nickel, high chromium, high molybdenum a high-alloy stainless steel. Second, in high temperature or corrosion-resistant performance, compared with 304, has more excellent high temperature or corrosion resistance, is the 304 can not be replaced. In addition, the classification from stainless steel, special stainless steel microstructure is a stable austenitic microstructure.

Since this is a high-alloy special stainless steel material, so the manufacturing process quite complex and usually one can only rely on the traditional process to manufacture the special stainless steel, such as perfusion, forging, rolling, and so on.

In many areas, such as
1, the sea: marine environment marine structures, desalination, aquaculture, sea heat exchange.
2, the field of environmental protection: thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization equipment, waste water treatment.
3, energy: nuclear power, coal utilization, tidal power generation.
4, the petrochemical industry: oil refining, chemical engineering equipment.
5, the food industry: salt, soy sauce, etc.
In many areas of more than ordinary stainless steel 304 can not be competent in these special areas, special stainless steel is indispensable, but also can not be replaced. In recent years, with the rapid economic development, with the industry level continues to improve, more and more projects require a higher grade of stainless special steel (super stainless steel, nickel-based alloys).

The special stainless steel with a number of representative:
1, super stainless steel, that is about 6% molybdenum with special stainless steel, there are ten species of the world's steel. We also called 6-Mo stainless steel. For instance, he is the main component of; 25Ni-23Cr-5.5Mo-0.2N
2, British harsh stellited, for example, 800 British harsh Levin, his main ingredients; 32Ni-21Cr-Ti, Al
3, British harsh nickel alloy, such as Britain and harsh Nickel 600, the main component of his position; 73Ni-15Cr-Ti, Al
4, Hastelloy, for example, C-276, the main component of his position; 56Ni-16Cr-16Mo-4W
5, Monel, such as Monel 400, the main component of his position; 65Ni-34Cu

   Based on the above example, if a use an ordinary stainless steel (304), rather than use special stainless steel case, ordinary stainless steel (304) is not suitable for such a high temperature or highly corrosive environment, corrosion of materials will occur immediately, or the occurrence of high-temperature oxidation . So many needs high temperature, corrosion environment, special stainless steel is the best choice. Special stainless steel stainless steel has never been beyond the scope of a remarkable and performance, both today and in the future, special stainless steel material has an endless supply of needs.

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