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            Suzhou Kris Precision Metal Co., LTD.
            about us
            Contact Us


            Add: No168 Xiangcheng Ave, Xiangcheng Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

            tel: +86-512-68303195 

            fax :  +86-512-68303296  


            web:  www.nashdc.com

            link man :kris  13915652736


            Suzhou Kris Precision Metal Co., LTD. is located on Suzhou Xiangcheng District, the center of Yangtze River delta which is the most economy prosperous area in China. There are over 700 staffs, with 17 experts and professors; Kris has more than 50 seamless tube and weld tube processing machines, specializing in the production and R&D of stainless s steel products.

            Seamless Plant include: cold-rolling, cold-drawing,solution treatment,bright annealing,precision straightness,Precision Polishing,U automatic bending machine,Ultrasonic Test Machine,Eddy Current Test Machine, Hydrostatic Test Machine, Universal Test Equipments. Kris can meet the demand in Petroleum industry,Chemical industry,Power Industry,Ship-building,CHR,Aerospace industry, food industry,Electric industry,Semi-conductor,Medicinal Biotechnology,etc.We are good at Martensitic,ferritic,super ferritic,duplex,super duplex,austenitic and super austenitic product and get special advantages in nickel alloy,copper alloy,titanium!Otherwise, we can produce and R&D all kinds of tubular as per your requirements,such as fins tube,corrugated pipe,coils tube,U bend tube,hollow bar, thin wall-thickness tube,highly precision tube(The tolerance of Inside and outside diameters can be controlled under 0.02mm, the roughness can be under Ra≤0.25)! The max.length is 37Meters with OD under 38mm and 100Meters with OD under 12mm.

             Welding tube plant: Possess the most advanced production line domesitic,half of them are imported from overseas, with all specifications and has completed quality system, can produce round tube(5--2500)mm,Square tube(10*10—200*200)mm,rectangular tube(10*20—100*200)mm,Groove tube and shaped tube for meet the demand of industries,auto,furniture and decoration,etc

            Stainless Steel Products Plant: Has CNC bending machine,metal plate,punching,auto/Laser cutting,welding machine,etc. We can provide you all kinds of stainless steel car,feeder,showing stand,table and chair,etc. We accept to do processing according to your drawings!Now we has already serviced for many enterprises abroad

            Kris could provide service for all kinds of stainless steel material! We has already got import and export rights and passed many third-party agency’s inspection and test,such as LR,BV,SGS,MOODY,DNV,ABS. Now Kris has become the approved supplier of many petroleum and chemical equipment enterprises home and abroad and provide products for them.

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